Breaking Barriers.
Revolutionizing Trade.

A fully integrated centralized platform that connects ecosystem players and makes coping with rising cross-border trade volume easy and frictionless.


Expand your
global presence

Digital Trade Hub provides a platform for members of the trade community, logistics and service providers, government and regulatory bodies, financing institutions and operators to connect with one another in a quick, seamless, fluid and effective manner. With the platform’s intelligent capabilities and features, enterprises will be able to connect with foreign business partners, access new unexplored marketplaces and business opportunities across all industries and geographies like never before.

Not only does it empower SMEs to expand into new markets, it brings new markets to SMEs — enabling local firms to showcase their offerings to a wider global audience. With the ability to do everything online, companies no longer have to build local beachhead teams from scratch and deploy them in every market they intend to penetrate into. Successful expansion of your presence overseas ultimately leads to a larger customer base, and increased revenue generation, profitability and growth for your business.

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12 K+
9800 +
E-commerce Jobs

Find ideal partners to
grow your business

Enterprises and business owners can now search for and connect with trading partners in a single click without having to travel thousands of miles or perusing through hundreds of pages of a business directory book. This allows you to save a lot of time, money and effort, enabling you to focus on other more important business matters.

Simply key in your required criteria and allow our AI-powered search engine match you with the best partners for your business. Everything is done online, making scheduling, meeting and connecting a breeze. With the ability to make long-term strategic partnership easily, your business is sure to generate increased sales and drive-up revenue for your organization.


Enjoy best-in-class, hassle-free
trade support

Merchant Services
Pivot electronically to cut across geographies and cross border barriers to expand the number of channels you sell on and increase exposure of your products in order to generate more traffic and ramp up sales.

Logistics Services
Leverage Digital Trade Hub’s full suite of supply chain solutions with value-added services to help export your goods easily with the assistance of leading fulfillment services to accelerate cargo clearance and delivery times.

Banking Services
As your business operation expands and your need for additional capital grows, look no further than Digital Trade Hub as its powerful AI-driven matchmatching capabilities partner you with the most optimal banks to facilitate all your financing needs.

Insurance Services
With protection that offers holistic coverage and dependable continuity, you’ll be able to obtain the right insurance protection plan to maximize coverage against damage, theft, loss and non-payment from foreign buyers.
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